RElease the POWER within your data with AI

AI products for the next level of process control 


Services to get you started

  • Review P&ID and process data
  • Train AI models with  process data
  • Configure AI server
  • Configure Model Predictive controllers

Release Announcements

  • Lena AI server, rev0: 9/1/18
  • Denver MPC server, rev0 : 12/1/18
  • UTrain software, rev0: 3/1/19


  • Soft instrument 
  • SISO/ MIMO MPC controller
  • Simulation
  • Monitoring
  • OEM


  • Historian
  • Real Time
  • Excel/Access/SQL
  • Modbus TCP/IP process control interface


  • Pulp and Paper
  • Power
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Energy saving
  • Quality Control
  • Maintenance reduction
  • Less waste and better bottom line

About Us

 Process2control’s mission is to open the power of Neural Networks, the building blocks of AI, to Engineers in all process industries. Process2control LLC evolved from a purely neural network research company to deliver world class real time online AI model base solutions to our customers.


Why we do it.

 Because Engineers experience data overload.

Because first principle process models are difficult to produce for non-linear processes.

Because the AI can identify the most and least significant process variable affecting the control.

Because interfacing AI with industrial processes has been difficult and expensive.

Because AI reduces data analysis workload on Engineers.

Because models allows Engineers to implement model predictive control and

 Because we can control multiple setpoints simultaneously.


 Started in 2013 by Jimmy Key P.E. CAP MSc, the company has advanced the application of neural networks from cumbersome and expensive to systematic and affordable.  

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